effective cleaning of your grill

For all BBQ enthusiasts amongst you, we offer just the right BBQ cleaning agents, as your grill / outdoor kitchen requires just as much care as your indoor kitchen. We offer the perfect all-round care set for your BBQ - dirt and grease don't stand a chance. The cleaning agents ensure the necessary care and make your products gleam once again. 

Product recommendations

Golden BBQ Cleaner
Golden Bbq Cleaner 1

BBQ & Kamado Grill Cleaner

  • Suitable for stainless steel, enamal, ceramic & powder-coated metal
  • High dirt & grease dissolving power
  • Preserves the brand-new appearance
  • Ideal for Kamado-Grills & outdoor kitchens
Golden Bbq Degreaser 1
Golden Bbq Degreaser 1

BBQ & Kamado Grill Degreaser

  • Powerful degreaser for the inside of grills, Kamado-Grills & outdoor kitchens
  • Ideal for removing dirt, grease & food residue