Outdoor fabrics

suitable care products

It's important that our customers here at Elementry receive an all-round package, therefore we also offer care products for seating furniture, outdoor cushions and sun umbrellas. The correct and careful handling of outdoor furniture and accessories keeps them looking like new for a long time. So you'll get lots of pleasure out of them. You'll be well-equipped with our top products for fabric care.

Product recommendations

Golden Care Fabric Cleaner
Golden Fabric Cleaner 1

Golden Care Fabric Cleaner

  • Ideal for outdoor covers, seating cushions & umbrellas
  • Removes dirt
  • Preserves the new look of your cushions
  • Treat fabrics after cleaning with Fabric Protector
Golden Care Fabric Protector
Golden Fabric Protector 1

Golden Care Fabric Protector

  • Creates a water & dirt resistant surface, whilst preserving water vapour permeability 
  • Invisible & transparent
  • Prevents stains
  • Preserves the original fabric appearance
  • Stops mould and mildew