Natural stone washbasins & CERAMIC tops

cleaning & care tips

Natural stone washbasins, stands and ceramic tops are THE eye-catcher in any bathroom. In order to create a smooth inner surface during manufacture, the irregularities are filled with synthetic resin, the surface sanded and polished with beeswax. 

The correct care

Please be careful when cleaning your stone washbasin not to damage the wax film on the inside of the washbasin: Never use acidic cleaning agents or chlorine, as these products attack the acid layer. Always use special cleaning agents or cleaning agents with neutral ingredients. To prevent the penetration of dirt and water, rub your natural stone washbasin with beeswax. 

Product recommendations

Golden Care Natural Stone Protector
Golden Care Stone Protector 1

Golden Care Stone Protector

  • Preserves the brand-new appearance
  • Guards against stains & hinders the penetration of dirt & liquids
  • Slows the weathering process
  • Water-based
  • Also suitable for ceramics